About Me

gb_workshop Hello and welcome! I'm Gregg Banse. Yes, that's me at left. I've been working on the web since 1996 - even before Google was launched. It was so long ago that nearly everything I knew and did back then has changed or disappeared: keyword stuffing, cloaking, straight up HTML, Netscape Navigator, Google dances, web rings, Drumbeat, and DHTML. I've learned so much since then. I had to (and still do) because the web as we know it keeps changing. The technology we worked with back then is gone. It either died off or was absorbed, morphed, evolved, or otherwise cannabilized into new technologies. It is the nature the online industry and I learned long ago that I needed to change and evolve quickly too or be left behind. Since that realization in late 1990s, I've learned a lot about building and marketing websites - from SEO to eCommerce to defense against hackers. I also built a lot of websites for clients with what I learned. Almost all of it would be considered outdated - even archaic - now. That's just how it is on the web. You spend time and effort to learn or build something only to see it fade away or become useless within a few years. Somethings (like PHP) have stayed but they too will eventually change or be lost in the detritus of the web. Today I'm the Director of Web Services for Norwich University. I no longer build and market websites for clients (well...that's mostly true) but my evolution hasn't stopped. I've just changed my focus. I love WordPress and I love to get under the hood of WordPress and build new and exciting tools and applications. I keep learning new and different ways of using it to do things I hadn't thought of before. I love to collaborate with other WordPress astronauts and I love to share what I learn! That's why I built this site. Stop by the WordPress forum at Webmaster World where I'm a co-moderator or over to the WordPress Forums where there are many talented folks willing to help including me. Stop by again and don't forget to signup for the newsletter (at right).